A long ago, my elder sister and I started an initiative named, ‘Sparkle’. We both are story book lovers and have huge collections of books at home. We used to lend story books to community children to encourage them to read. Children in our neighborhood loved this activity very much. After my sister joined college and moved to a different city, I continued the ‘Sparkle’ activity.  Over the period, I took Sparkle online and started taking classes on Chess and Rubik’s Cubes. I also created ‘Lets Sparkle’ You Tube channel to post video of select classes.  In this way, over the period, ‘Sparkle’ has now reached to hundreds of children. These online Sparkle classes have inspired many children who are participating my regular weekend sessions to take up these enrichment hobbies. I can solve 15 different types of puzzle cubes including dodecahedron shaped Megaminx and Ghost Cube. Through my Sparkle sessions I try to cascade my interest, passion and skills to my session mates.

    Its my privilege that I could establish a connect with boys of Karunamoyee Ashram, a home destitute children at Tollygunje, Kolkata. I spend time with the boys there on weekends and help them learning painting skill and also solve my Rubik’s Cubes along with them for fun. I love the smile on their face. Lovingly they call me ‘dada’.

    Do visit YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@LetsSparkle