I have always been drawn towards the world of logic, problem solving and analytical arrangements. At the age of 14, I was handed my father’s old laptop and before I could fully realise, it became the beginning of my exploration of the world of computers and coding.With a little guidance from my parents and online tutorials, I started learning Java, which is one of the most used computer languages. It’s said to provide reliable platforms for many services and applications in the digital world.

Soon after, I progressed to learning Python , in the process unravelling my interest in various programming paradigms. Python is rightly described as a ‘batteries included’ language due to its comprehensive standard library.

During my eleventh grade, I was introduced to a sport of a total different kind: Competitive Coding, which according to me, seemed like one of the trickiest and challenging sports, requiring the highest functioning of all my neurons within a fixed amount of time! It has all – Complex solutions, analytics, speed and unpredictability- components that intrigued and excited me. Over time it has grown to be one of my favorite ways to spend time. I eagerly look forward to a session of invigorating programming. My journey so far has been quite a learning curve and there is still so much more to achieve. It has been fun and it really keeps me on my toes.

One of my proud learning moments has been participating in the National Coding Olympiad sponsored by Codingal and having my name on the national leaderboard. HPE CodeWars India Edition was another such mega event which really has been a great experience. I was a core member in hosting our Inter school tech event “Logique” and participated in the “Clash of Coders”. Apart from coding skills, these events have given me a platform to reach out and meet people having similar love and interest for computers and coding.

I try to keep myself engaged and challenged by regularly participating in different events and competitions by Codingal, Codewar, Codechef and Codeforces. These platforms have been the best learning tools as well a chance to showcase my aptitude.

Codingal NCO Code Battle 2021 Certificate File

1. Codingal NCO Code Battle 2021 Certificate File 1

HPECodwar April 2022 HP Certificate

2. HPECodwar April 2022 HP Certificate

HPECodwar April 2022 Codingal Cetificate

3. HPECodwar April 2022 Codingal Cetificate

Logique 2022 Clash of Coders

4. Logique 2022 Clash of Coders