Hello! My name is Souradeep Pal. I love exploring the world of unknowns. I am a huge computers and robotics enthusiast. While computer programming is my addiction, I often paint landscapes on canvas or pick-up one of my puzzle cubes to solve. I love reading books. Books have always been my escape, my stimulation for imagination, my safe space! 

I run an initiative named ‘Sparkle’ for kids to involve them in enrichment activities.

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I live in Kolkata, the City of Joy, which is proud of its history of revolution and growth. The city is historically famous for its art & culture. The International Book fair, Rabindra sangeet, and the Durga puja celebrations are artistic wonders which have brought forth the admiration of many. Kolkata is also known for its craze for chess and from my early school days, I have been captivated by this game. I am a member of the City Chess Forum, Kolkata, and have participated in many events at district and state level. Solving puzzle cubes is another hobby which I am very passionate about. I love solving the Megaminx, Metamorphix, Pyramix, 7*7, Ghost Cube, Square 1 and many more.

Thanks for visiting this site. This site is a repository of what I love, what I do and my experiences. To know more, please get in touch with me at this email [email protected]

Science and Technology

I love learning different facets of Computer Science and explore deeper areas for research and analysis in areas Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Robotics and world of Algorithms.  I have represented my school in Robotics events.  I have done a  Research Internship, at Centre of Excellence on Safety Engineering & Analytics at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT-KGP).  I also do Competitive coding, which is to explore. Competitive coding, which according to me, seemed like one of the trickiest and challenging sports, requiring the highest functioning of all my neurons within a fixed amount of time !

Creative Corner

Color, pencil, brush and canvas are the coolest companions! Drawings and paintings are my escape to serenity. Pencil Sketches, Water Colors, Oil Paints, Acrylic – I have been learning to do them all for the last 10 years. I have received Senior Diploma in Painting from Bangiya Sangeet Parishad. Painting gives me a space for think boundaryless, and truly I feel like its my own world. I want to see me breaking forms, evolving with my own rhythm of painting style. I never miss Paresh Maity’s shows in CIMA gallery in Kolkata, his vibrant paintings with continuously evolving art practices are something to learn. I do visit the Academy of Fine Arts often where I have seen contemporary artists’ wide variety of works. My first solo art exhibition was held at the Alta Mira Art Gallery, a reputed Art Gallery in Kolkata during September, 2022.


Through ‘Sparkle’ I’m trying to reinvigorate the inquisitive minds within kids. I am teaching them Chess moves, helping them solving puzzle cubes, showing them the fun side of Math, and introducing them to computer programming. I hold weekly sessions with the kids with open invitations.


I cherish my engaging hobbies always. Anytime in a day or week I get time to spend quality time with my hobbies I feel so fresh, energetic. Reading a wide range of books is something I always love. Solving and resolving different Rubik and puzzle cubes helps me to concentrate. It’s a wonderful experience when I was learning and practicing horse riding



World famous poet, Rabindranath Tagore said, ‘Bibhider majhe dekho Milon mohan’ (you feel magical integrity in a diversified world), always inspire me travel to different places to experience the beauty of nature, varied culture and connect to a wide range of people. I got an opportunity to travel and spend time in different places in my country, USA, Europe and  Middle East, and those experiences are treasure in my life